_Despite the common notion of everyone, dog training is essential for any dog owner. Dog training in Gold Coast is not about transforming your dog into an entertainer by teaching him a few neat tricks. It is about teaching him regarding the guidelines in any given circumstance so that he can act appropriately. Here are the top ten guidelines that you have to keep in mind when training your pet dogs.

1. You need to be completely firm when training your pet. Dogs have the tendency to count themselves as part of the pack so you need to establish that you are the leader of the pack. So when you give your commands, deliver them with authority.

2. Start only with the most basic of obedience commands just like sit, stay, come and down. If you teach them with something more difficult, their motivation will decrease.

3. Do not ever practice any type of negative reinforcement. So this means that you should avoid shouting, yelling, hitting or anything that could potentially scare or hurt your dog. As an alternative, develop a "no reward" punishment system.

4. To guarantee maximum motivation for your pet, use a reward which is his absolute favorite. If it is his favored treat or food, then he will certainly be motivated throughout the session.

5. The very best time to train your pet is during the height of their motivation. What does this mean? For example if you are giving him food incentives, the most effective time to train would be right before his mealtime.

6. When it comes to a reward system, timing is crucial. If your pet gives a correct response to a command, provide your rewards no later than half a second.

7. In terms of giving rewards, try not to overdo it. The rewards have to be consistent for just about every correct response given. It is highly ideal that for every single correct response, praise him or give him a tiny treat.

8. When giving out your commands, it is ideal if you keep it short. And avoid having to repeat yourself. Dog training in Gold Coast is centered on turning your words into absolute commands for them that they have to follow immediately.

9. Each time you are finished with the training session, always end it with a good vibe. Always compliment your dog about his great job when ending the session, it should keep him enthusiastic for the next one.

10. Remember that every training session is supposed to be a fun activity for you and your pet. If you do not feel like doing a session, do not continue with it.

Just be aware that dog training in Adelaide just doesn't happen overnight. It requires great patience and determination for success. Just bear in mind the rules that were provided for you above and your dog will certainly become an obedient family member soon.

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